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Success Stories

Years of commitment & dedication towards my practice has resulted in ensuring high success rate for my patients. Take a look at few success stories that keep me motivated to deliver quality service!

Success Stories: Articles & Resources
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Age is no bar when it comes to ICSI!

36yrs old lady.. 14yrs of infertility.. mutilple hospitals and mutiple treatments later , she conceived with ICSI in the second embryo transfer.. as both the partners were working , they used to catch an overnight train from rajahmundry to hyderabad ( 8hrs ).. finish their consultation and go back.. they travelled again for 8hrs! To show me these cute lil munchkins.. they had happy tears in their eyes and i am not gng to deny dat i teared up a lil too!

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Serum Beta HCG Test

33yr old lady , trying to conceive since 3yrs. Multiple cycles of ovulation induction and #timedintercourse had failed.. 1st #IUI was negative.. she wanted to move onto IVF but we convinced her to try IUI one more time.. 2nd IUI was done.. Urine pregnancy test was negative 3 times.. but her periods had not started. She came back to us dejected and asked for medicines to induce bleeding.. We suggested a serum beta hcg test ( blood test ) for confirmation and she did give us #GoodNews!

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" Impossible odds set the stage for amazing miracles "

A couple with 10years of marital life came to us for treatment and their only request was to conceive with their own gametes ( own eggs and sperms ) as they both had fertility issues.
When the first cycle of stimulation for ivf didn't give a good egg , our counselling for donor gametes started.. but they wanted to try again.
2nd cycle - I changed the entire protocol , tweaked the drugs and doses and she responded well and got pregnant!!!
Extremely happy that i have been able to help this awesome couple in their journey of parenthood..


"A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success "

This amazing couple came to us after 2years of multiple ovulation induction cycles and multiple IUI cycle failures. She conceived in her 1st IVF cycle , in the 1st embryo transfer. Holding this little munchkin today and looking at their proud faces gives me immense satisfaction as a fertility specialist..

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Recurrent Implantation Failure

Mrs X is a 22yr old lady for whom ICSI was done cox of male factor infertility. Beautiful embryos and beautiful endometrium - fresh transfer failed. Frozen embryo transfer was done after a month break.. everything looked perfect - hormones , endometrium , embryos.. but even d second transfer failed.. hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy were done to rule out any pathology.. again everything was perfect. 2nd IVF and fresh embryo transfer was done.. Again negative!!! Everything under the stars were tried in all d 3 transfers.. but nothing seemed to work.. the only complaint the patient had was - pain during transvaginal scan ( she didnt have any discomfort during intercourse or during periods nor did she have any signs suggestive of endometriosis on ultrasound ).. As a last resort , diagnostic laparoscopy was done to rule out adhesions or endometriosis. She had endometriosis! Adhesions and peritoneal deposits were present. These adhesions were released and post op injections were given to suppress any residual endometriosis. We went ahead with the 4th embryo transfer and 14days later , her blood report was positive for pregnancy..

Patient's trust and belief helped me to take the right call to do a surgical procedure to look for any other pathology which ultimately helped the patient to turn her dreams into reality..

Always thankful to our patients who trust our knowledge and skill and let us think outside the box to get better results!

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Two for two!

Healthy twins.. healthy mom..
It was a long and a difficult journey but the sheer determination and hope of this amazing couple made this possible..

Helping my patients feel healthy and happy is my priority. Reach out to me with all your medical concerns with regards to reproductive health to get started.

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