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Trying to get Pregnant? Myths about Conceiving and Fertility Busted!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

When it comes to conceiving, you get unsolicited advice wherever you go. Mostly it comes from relatives and sometimes friends. Most of these myths are have no scientific proof. People are so much conditioned through generations that they refuse to question them and follow these myths blindly. Someone has to break the generational chain and ask How? What? Why? When and Where?

In this article we bust myths for you that you should stop believing in.

Myth: Infertility is a Woman’s issue

Reality: For fertilization to happen, a woman’s body has to produce an egg and a man’s body has to produce sperms. The combined efforts of both the partners then makes a baby. If a couple is not able to get pregnant, most of the time, all the advice is always given to the woman. People start to think that there might be something wrong with her. But science says otherwise. According to a recent report by WHO on the status of infertility in India, of all infertility cases, approximately 50% is due to “male factor” infertility

Myth: Contraceptive pills cause infertility

Reality: When it comes to contraceptive pills, there is a lot of confusion. No hormonal contraceptives can cause infertility. They only delay your fertility temporarily. Once you stop taking them, your fertility levels return to normal.

Myth: People who have conceived before, won’t face fertility issues

Reality: Infertility can very much affect people who have been pregnant before. This type of infertility is what doctors refer to as “Secondary Infertility”. It is very common in in the couples who try to have a second or a third baby after 30s.

Myth: Men remain fertile as long as they can ejaculate

Reality: While infertility does not affect men the same way it affects women, it does affect them eventually. The production of semen with good sperm quality decreases after a man turns 40. There is also a huge drop in sperm count. There is no guarantee that you can father a child after a certain age.

Myth: Eating certain foods can make you fertile

Reality: While a balanced diet is really important for your overall health, including reproductive health, there is no such superfood that will magically make you fertile. However, avoiding certain things can definitely keep your fertility intact. Like avoiding alcohol and smoking is definitely healthy for your body in terms of everything including reproductive health.

Myth: Women with PCOD can never become pregnant

Reality: While PCOD does affect fertility in some women, not all women are affected by it. With certain lifestyle changes medication women with PCOD can definitely become pregnant.

Myth: Live a stress-free life to conceive

Reality: Relaxing can only help to a certain extent as infertility is a medical problem. In this fast-paced world we can’t blame stress for infertility in a couple. Saying “Just take it easy” won’t solve infertility issues.

Don’t just believe what others have to say about your fertility journey. Talk to an expert. They will clear all your doubts and myths about conceiving. It is very important to talk to your doctor before conceiving so that they can make you fit and ready for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. Don’t let these infertility myths deter your path to your parenthood.


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