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Thin endometrium...

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Endometrium or uterine lining is the innermost layer of uterus. Embryo attaches to this lining and grows and results in a healthy pregnancy.

Thick endometrium goes a long way in ensuring effective implantation of fertilized egg inside the womb. Uterine Lining must be at least 7 mm thick for successful implantation of embryo


1. Low estrogen level

2. Damaged endometrial lining due to surgeries like repeated D&C , fibroid removal

3. Infections - chronic infections (endometritis) can cause thin endometrium. Genital tuberculosis has to be ruled out

4. Idiopathic - due to individual uterine architecture 


1. Difficulty in conceiving

2. Irregular menses

3. Scanty menstrual bleeding


1. Estrogen supplementation in case of low estrogen

2. Damaged endometrium - PRP

3. Infections - antibiotics , anti-tubercular treatment(ATT) for TB

4. Hysteroscopy


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