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The Promise of Hope!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

"Motherhood is a great big adventure. You set off on a journey, you don’t really know how to navigate things, and you don’t exactly know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there." The journey to parenthood can be full of challenges but for some couples, these challenges can start right from the moment when they consider planning for a baby. While for some, continuing the pregnancy is the bigger hurdle. Mrs X, 29yr old had 5 miscarriages, none of them going beyond the 8th week of pregnancy. Her journey to motherhood started in 2016 and she consulted me in june 2020. Determined, optimistic and strong are few of the words i can use to describe these awesome couple. Because, it takes a lot to go through those losses and speak to people with a smile on their faces. Her genetic testing revealed genetic mutations which lead to recurrent pregnancy loss , premature ovarian failure. 3D ultrasound showed a subseptate uterus which can lead to miscarriage. Her husband had high DNA ffragmentation which can lead to poor quality embryos and pregnancy loss.

Considering all these factors , patient was given a plan of hysteroscopic septoplasty followed ICSI with egg donor or ICSI with own eggs with PGS.

They wanted to try at least once more with their own gametes.Following hysteroscopic septoplasty, we planned for ICSI with PGS with TESA - testicular sperms ( DFI was still high inspite of treatment ). Inspite of her low AMH levels , we managed to get 8 eggs out of which 6 were good. On day 5 , there were 3 day 5 blastocyst - grade C. PGS was done and the report showed out of 3 , only 1 was euploid ( chromosomally normal ). Remaining 2 were discarded.

Then started the new struggle. Thin endometrium ( thin endometrial lining ). After trying all kinds of medicines and all kinds of protocols , her uterine lining rarely crosses 5-6mm ( which could have happened because of the multiple D&C procedures). Endometrium thickness less than 7 mm is considered thin endometrium and will negatively impact the IVF success rate.

Finally, we decided to try intrauterine PRP ( platelet-rich plasma ). It is prepared from fresh whole blood which is collected through a peripheral vein of the patient. It is then instilled into the uterine cavity immediately with catheter (0.5-1 ml). The uterine lining was 7mm after this and embryo transfer was done. Serum Bhcg after 12days ( April 2021) was 425. Scan after ten days showed a single live fetus.

Patient is now 12 weeks pregnant without any complications. Yes, it took time. We had to cross many hurdles. But we are finally here. The trust, belief, hope, patience and most importantly their love and strength paid off. I am happy to have played a role in making their dream come true!

"Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi"

As you think so you become.

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